Eco-Friendly Pet Urns To Preserve Your Pet’s Memory

Pets are there with their owners through good times and bad. Therefore, this loss is really heartbreaking. Many owners find it important to provide their pets with a proper memorial once they pass on. Be it your dog, cat, bird or any other pet animal. Preserving their memory in an urn is a great way to remember them. While pet cremation can be carried out by the owners or pet cremation companies, pet urns can be provided by the cremation companies too.

If you are opting for pet cremation companies for cremating your pet, you ought to know the pet cremation prices and the services they offer within that price bracket. Pet cremation prices will differ according to the procedure of cremation and the delivery of the remains in the urn you opt for. If you choose to go for an individual cremation, this would cost you a little more than the communal one, but it ensures that the last remains that you receive are exclusively of your own pet.

If you expect the cremation company to provide you with the remains in an urn, you can either discuss with them to provide one or can choose a pet urn of your choice. Quite a few artists in this industry are designing environment friendly pet urns. Innovative artists match high end industrial technology and design with ancient techniques and traditional materials such as lacquer, veneer, aluminium and marquetry to create these urns.

You can choose from hand painted pottery pet urns, or custom engraved glasswork or even burial boxes. These eco-friendly pet urns are a great way to remember your pet and help your children in assisting with the loss of a pet. Many veterinary clinics offer such pet cremation services. Although their private pet cremation prices may vary the average costs are generally affordable.

Once the family receives the ashes after the cremation, it is clearly the choice of the family whether they want a private burial with a custom per grave marker or to store the remains in a pet urn for memory or for spreading. Pet urns come in a variety of material and prices, although they can fit in any budget. The kind of material you want to preserve your pet’s ashes in will determine the price of these urns. With a wide range of decorative urns available for pets, you can give your pet a final resting place with dignity.

Guest post by Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service