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How To Renew Your Passport Online?

Travel documents are issued by government of country for its citizens which verifies the nationality and identity of holder for travelling in own country or abroad. These small booklets contain person’s name, birth date, birth place, issue and expiry date. Due to busy routine or paying less attention to these expiry dates, people forget to renew the passport at the correct time and later face many problems in traveling. They can now renew passport online which is an easy and hassle free process. There are various types of passports such as official, diplomatic, emergency and collective according to the need of person professionally or personally.

Different types of passports

  1. Official – it is issued for government employees. The purpose of official or service passport is to allow officials to travel to other countries. The officials use it for representing their country in other country. Apart from getting access to other countries these officials do not get any special privilege through their passport in other countries.
  2. Diplomatic – this type of passport is given to diplomats who travel for business purpose and are appointed by government for conducting official business in other countries and maintaining political, social and economic relations with other countries. Diplomatic passports grant them some immunities and privileges like exemption from taxes and prosecution in host country.
  3. Emergency – they are very useful for sudden situations. They are issued in case the passport of a person is lost or stolen and the person does not have time for applying for a new one. Temporary or emergency passports are issued in situations like if you left your passport in flight while going abroad and you want to return home.